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Americans -- England -- Fiction (36)
A Cathedral Courtship [electronic resource] / Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
Penelope's English Experiences : Being Extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton [electronic resource] / Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
The Agony Column [electronic resource] / Earl Derr Biggers
The Grand Babylon Hôtel [electronic resource] / Arnold Bennett
The Golden Bowl — Complete [electronic resource] / Henry James
The Golden Bowl — Volume 2 [electronic resource] / Henry James
The Golden Bowl — Volume 1 [electronic resource] / Henry James
The Knave of Diamonds [electronic resource] / Ethel M. Dell
A Passionate Pilgrim [electronic resource] / Henry James
Redburn. His First Voyage : Being the Sailor Boy Confessions and Reminiscences of the Son-Of-A-Gentleman in the Merchant Navy [electronic resource] / Herman Melville
The Virginians [electronic resource] / William Makepeace Thackeray
A Fair Barbarian [electronic resource] / Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Parts Men Play [electronic resource] / Beverley Baxter
The Shuttle [electronic resource] / Frances Hodgson Burnett
Flaming June [electronic resource] / George de Horne, Vaizey
A Gentleman's Gentleman : 1909 [electronic resource] / Francis Hopkinson Smith
The Path Of Duty [electronic resource] / Henry James
Dr. Wortle's School [electronic resource] / Anthony Trollope
Colorado Jim [electronic resource] / George Goodchild
An International Episode [electronic resource] / Henry James
A Cathedral Courtship [electronic resource] / C. E. Brock
The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 [electronic resource] / Henry James
The Wings of the Dove, Volume II [electronic resource] / Henry James
Cynthia's Chauffeur [electronic resource] / Howard Chandler Christy
The Door into Infinity [electronic resource] / Edmond Hamilton
The Girl From His Town [electronic resource] / Marie Van Vorst
I Walked in Arden [electronic resource] / Jack Randall Crawford
Poor Relations [electronic resource] / Compton MacKenzie
苦悶の欄 [electronic resource] / Kiyotoshi Hayashi
Mammon and Co. [electronic resource] / E. F. Benson
The Affair at the Inn [electronic resource] / Mary Findlater
The Worn Doorstep [electronic resource] / Margaret Pollock Sherwood
Adrienne Toner : A Novel [electronic resource] / Anne Douglas Sedgwick
An American Girl in London [electronic resource] / F. H. Townsend
The American Prisoner [electronic resource] / Eden Phillpotts
Loistohotelli Babylon : Romaani [electronic resource] / Arnold Bennett