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Amusements (38)
Healthful Sports for Boys [electronic resource] / A. R. Calhoun
Entertainments for Home, Church and School [electronic resource] / Frederica Seeger
Recreation by Viscount Grey of Fallodon, K.G. [electronic resource] / Edward Grey, Viscount Grey of Fallodon
Cupology : How to Be Entertaining [electronic resource] / Clara
Little Folks' Handy Book [electronic resource] / Lina Beard
What Shall We Do Now? : Five Hundred Games and Pastimes [electronic resource] / Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Wings and the Child; Or, The Building of Magic Cities [electronic resource] / George Barraud
Home Occupations for Boys and Girls [electronic resource] / B. Johnston
The Art of Amusing : Being a Collection of Graceful Arts, Merry Games, Odd Tricks, Curious Puzzles, and New Charades. Together with Suggestions for Private Theatricals, Tableaux, and All Sorts of Parlor and Family Amusements. [electronic resource] / Frank Bellew
Mother Nature's Toy-Shop [electronic resource] / Lina Beard
Bright Ideas for Entertaining [electronic resource] / Herbert B., Linscott
Indoor and Outdoor Recreations for Girls [electronic resource] / Lina Beard
Every Boy's Book : A Complete Encyclopædia of Sports and Amusements [electronic resource]
The Boy Craftsman : Practical and Profitable Ideas for a Boy's Leisure Hours [electronic resource] / A. Neely Hall
The Library of Work and Play : Guide and Index [electronic resource] / Cheshire Lowton Boone
Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do [electronic resource]
Oracles from the Poets : A Fanciful Diversion for the Drawing Room [electronic resource]
The Good Crow's Happy Shop [electronic resource] / Patten Beard
Lady Hollyhock and Her Friends : A Book of Nature Dolls and Others [electronic resource] / Margaret Coulson Walker
Cassell's Book of In-door Amusements, Card Games, and Fireside Fun [electronic resource] / Various
How to Behave and How to Amuse : A Handy Manual of Etiquette and Parlor Games [electronic resource] / George H. Sandison
Things Worth Doing and How To Do Them [electronic resource] / Adelia B. Beard
When Mother Lets Us Give a Party : A book that tells little folk how best to entertain and amuse their little friends [electronic resource] / Ada Budell
New Ideas for American Boys; The Jack of All Trades [electronic resource] / Daniel Carter Beard
Home Amusements [electronic resource] / M. E. W. Sherwood
Fun for the Household : A Book of Games [electronic resource] / Emma J. Gray
Harper's Outdoor Book for Boys [electronic resource] / Joseph H. Adams
Home Entertaining : Amusements for Every One [electronic resource] / William Eastman Chenery
Popular Pastimes for Field and Fireside, or Amusements for young and old [electronic resource] / Caroline L. Smith
The Puzzle King : Amusing arithmetic, book-keeping blunders, commercial comicalities, curious "catches", peculiar problems, perplexing paradoxes, quaint questions, queer quibbles, school stories, interesting items, tricks with figures, cards, draughts, dice, dominoes, etc., etc., etc. [electronic resource] / John Scott
Home Arts for Old and Young [electronic resource] / Caroline L. Smith
How? or, Spare Hours Made Profitable for Boys and Girls [electronic resource] / Kennedy Holbrook
Good Times with the Juniors [electronic resource] / Lilian M. Heath
New Ideas for Work and Play : What a Girl Can Make and Do [electronic resource] / Adelia B. Beard
Boys' Make-at-Home Things [electronic resource] / Marian Elizabeth Bailey
Holiday Frolics; Or, Endless Amusement for the Christmas Fireside : Containing, the Most Astonishing Feats of Legerdemain, and Astounding Conjurings; Entertaining Experiments in Various Branches of Science; Tricks With Cards and Dice. Art of Making Fireworks; Together With an Excellent Collection of Puzzles, Conundrums, Riddles, Charades, &c. &c. The Whole Admirably Calculated to Beguile the Leisure Hours of Our Holiday Friends. Embellished With a Copper-plate Engraving [electronic resource] / Anonymous
Twentieth Century Standard Puzzle Book : Three Parts in One Volume [electronic resource]
Home Fun [electronic resource] / Cecil Henry Bullivant