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Aeronautics (22)
The Mastery of the Air [electronic resource] / William J. Claxton
Flying Machines : Construction and Operation : A Practical Book Which Shows, in Illustrations, Working Plans and Text, How to Build and Navigate the Modern Airship [electronic resource] / Thomas Herbert Russell
Opportunities in Aviation [electronic resource] / Gordon Lamont
Aviation in Peace and War [electronic resource] / Frederick Hugh, Sykes
Learning to Fly : A Practical Manual for Beginners [electronic resource] / Claude Grahame-White
Aircraft and Submarines : The Story of the Invention, Development, and Present-Day Uses of War's Newest Weapons [electronic resource] / Willis J. Abbot
Lecture on Artificial Flight : Given by request at the Academy of Natural Sciences [electronic resource] / William G. Krueger
The Romance of Aircraft [electronic resource] / Laurence Yard Smith
Natural Stability and the Parachute Principle in Aeroplanes [electronic resource] / W. LeMaitre
Die Luftschiffahrt der Gegenwart [electronic resource] / Hermann Hoernes
The Aeroplane [electronic resource] / Harry Harper
Artificial and Natural Flight [electronic resource] / Hiram S. Maxim
Langley Memoir on Mechanical Flight, Parts I and II : Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Volume 27 Number 3, Publication 1948, 1911 [electronic resource] / Charles M. Manly
Flying Machines Today [electronic resource] / William D. Ennis
How It Flies; or, The Conquest of the Air : The Story of Man's Endeavors to Fly and of the Inventions by Which He Has Succeeded [electronic resource] / Richard Ferris
The Problem of Manflight [electronic resource] / James Means
Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst : Ein Beitrag zur Systematik der Flugtechnik [electronic resource] / Otto Lilienthal
Balloons, Airships, and Flying Machines [electronic resource] / Gertrude Bacon
Animal Locomotion; or, walking, swimming, and flying : With a dissertation on aëronautics [electronic resource] / James Bell Pettigrew
The Aviator and the Weather Bureau [electronic resource] / Ford A. Carpenter
Aërial Navigation : A Popular Treatise on the Growth of Air Craft and on Aëronautical Meteorology [electronic resource] / Albert Francis Zahm
Dirigible Balloons [electronic resource] / Charles B. Hayward