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Africa -- Juvenile fiction (26)
Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle; Or, Daring Adventures in Elephant Land [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
The Rover Boys in the Jungle; Or, Stirring Adventures in Africa [electronic resource] / Edward Stratemeyer
Pinocchio in Africa [electronic resource] / Eugenio Cherubini
The Boy Aviators in Africa; Or, an Aerial Ivory Trail [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
In Search of the Okapi : A Story of Adventure in Central Africa [electronic resource] / Ernest Glanville
A Middy in Command : A Tale of the Slave Squadron [electronic resource] / Harry Collingwood
The Gorilla Hunters [electronic resource] / R. M. Ballantyne
The Two Supercargoes; Or, Adventures in Savage Africa [electronic resource] / E. F. Skinner
Black Ivory [electronic resource] / Pearson
The Adventures of Dick Maitland : A Tale of Unknown Africa [electronic resource] / Alec Ball
In the Wilds of Africa [electronic resource] / Alfred Pearse
The African Trader; Or, The Adventures of Harry Bayford [electronic resource] / William Henry Giles Kingston
Hunting the Lions [electronic resource] / R. M. Ballantyne
Ran Away to Sea [electronic resource] / Mayne Reid
The Rogue Elephant : The Boys' Big Game Series [electronic resource] / Elliott Whitney
With Wolseley to Kumasi : A Tale of the First Ashanti War [electronic resource] / F. S. Brereton
Haviland's Chum [electronic resource] / Bertram Mitford
Tahara Among African Tribes [electronic resource] / Harold M. Sherman
Guy in the Jungle; Or, A Boy's Adventure in the Wilds of Africa [electronic resource] / William Murray Graydon
Baby Jane's Mission [electronic resource] / Reginald Parnell
The Fire-Gods : A Tale of the Congo [electronic resource] / George Soper
The Forest of Mystery [electronic resource] / James H. Foster
Oscar in Africa [electronic resource] / Harry Castlemon
In Savage Africa : Or, The adventures of Frank Baldwin from the Gold Coast to Zanzibar. [electronic resource] / Verney Lovett Cameron
The Radio Boys in Darkest Africa [electronic resource] / Gerald Breckenridge
Ihmissyöjäin vankina : Seikkailuja Afrikan aarniometsissä [electronic resource] / Väinö Nyman