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Air pilots -- Juvenile fiction (22)
Air Service Boys over the Atlantic; Or, The Longest Flight on Record [electronic resource] / Charles Amory Beach
Lost in the Air [electronic resource] / Roy J. Snell
The Boy Scout Aviators [electronic resource] / George Durston
Round the World in Seven Days [electronic resource] / Herbert Strang
Around the World in Ten Days [electronic resource] / Chelsea Curtis Fraser
On the Edge of the Arctic; Or, An Aeroplane in Snowland [electronic resource] / N. P. Hall
Air Service Boys Over the Rhine; Or, Fighting Above the Clouds [electronic resource] / Robert Gaston Herbert
Eagles of the Sky; Or, With Jack Ralston Along the Air Lanes [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Famous Flyers and Their Famous Flights [electronic resource] / Jack Wright
The Flying Reporter [electronic resource] / Lewis E. Theiss
Flying the Coast Skyways; Or, Jack Ralston's Swift Patrol [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Airplane Boys in the Black Woods [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
The Air Mystery of Isle La Motte [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
The Sky Pilot's Great Chase; Or, Jack Ralston's Dead Stick Landing [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
The Ghost of Mystery Airport [electronic resource] / Van Powell
Trackers of the Fog Pack; Or, Jack Ralston Flying Blind [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Wings Over the Rockies; Or, Jack Ralston's New Cloud Chaser [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
The Sky Detectives; Or, How Jack Ralston Got His Man [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Dave Dashaway, Air Champion; Or, Wizard Work in the Clouds [electronic resource] / Roy Rockwood
The Flying Boys in the Sky [electronic resource] / Edwin John Prittie
Bill Bolton and the Winged Cartwheels [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
The Flying Boys to the Rescue [electronic resource] / Edwin John Prittie