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American drama -- 20th century (41)
The Human Drift [electronic resource] / Jack London
The Machine [electronic resource] / Upton Sinclair
The Second-Story Man [electronic resource] / Upton Sinclair
The Naturewoman [electronic resource] / Upton Sinclair
Prince Hagen [electronic resource] / Upton Sinclair
The Lamp and the Bell : A Drama In Five Acts [electronic resource] / Edna St. Vincent Millay
The First Man [electronic resource] / Eugene O'Neill
The Servant in the House [electronic resource] / Charles Rann Kennedy
The Belles of Canterbury : A Chaucer Tale Out of School [electronic resource] / Anna Bird Stewart
Her Own Way : A Play in Four Acts [electronic resource] / Clyde Fitch
Class of '29 [electronic resource] / Orrie Lashin
Read-Aloud Plays [electronic resource] / Horace Holley
The Southern Cross : A Play in Four Acts [electronic resource] / Foxhall Daingerfield
The Flutter of the Goldleaf, and Other Plays [electronic resource] / Frederick Peterson
The Girl with the Green Eyes : A Play in Four Acts [electronic resource] / Clyde Fitch
Mr. Faust [electronic resource] / Arthur Davison Ficke
The Ghost Breaker : A Melodramatic Farce in Four Acts [electronic resource] / Charles Goddard
Geography and Plays [electronic resource] / Sherwood Anderson
裁判 [electronic resource] / Elmer Rice
Why Marry? [electronic resource] / Jesse Lynch Williams
More Portmanteau Plays [electronic resource] / Stuart Walker
The Mortal Gods, and Other Plays [electronic resource] / Olive Tilford Dargan
The Revolt : A Play In One Act [electronic resource] / Ellis Parker Butler
The Fool : A Play in Four Acts [electronic resource] / Channing Pollock
Two Mothers [electronic resource] / John G. Neihardt
Thursday Evening : A Comedy in One Act [electronic resource] / Christopher Morley
Goat Alley : A Tragedy of Negro Life [electronic resource] / Ludwig Lewisohn
Lords and Lovers, and Other Dramas [electronic resource] / Olive Tilford Dargan
Sweet and Twenty : A Comedy in One Act [electronic resource] / Floyd Dell
The Trysting Place : A Farce in One Act [electronic resource] / Booth Tarkington
The Vegetable; or, From President to Postman [electronic resource] / F. Scott Fitzgerald
A Thousand Years Ago : A Romance of the Orient [electronic resource] / Percy MacKaye
Minna and Myself [electronic resource] / Maxwell Bodenheim
Icebound : A Play [electronic resource] / Owen Davis
Betsey Bobbett : A Drama [electronic resource] / Marietta Holley
A Book [electronic resource] / Djuna Barnes
Josiah's Secret : A Play [electronic resource] / Marietta Holley
The Game of Chess : A Play in One Act [electronic resource] / Kenneth Sawyer Goodman
The Glebe 1913/12 (Vol. 1, No. 3) : The Azure Adder [electronic resource] / Man Ray
Rachel : A Play in Three Acts [electronic resource] / Angelina Weld Grimké
"Swat the Fly!" : A One-Act Fantasy [electronic resource] / Eleanor Gates